Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm baaack.

Well, I had a lovely weekend with Chris in State College. I always hate coming home, though - I miss him! But at least it will only be another week til I get to see him again, as he's coming home to be my date for Lauren and Mike's wedding. That makes it a thousand times better!

We had so much fun. Mostly, we just had fun being together. There's not really too much to DO up there, since its a college town.... I mean, there are bars and the such, but I really don't like bars so much. Especially those in college towns! So we hung out at his apartment, watched some movies, went out to eat, and yesterday we went to some yard sales. That was the most fun thing that we did, for sure! The yard sales were all in the residential (read: ritzy!) neighborhoods behind where his apartment is, on the outskirts of town. I was amazed that the houses back there were so...I don't know...grand! There really were some lovely ones. Anyway, we just drove up and down each little side street and stopped at all the yard sales. We really didn't get very much, but it was so much fun nonetheless! The weather was beautiful, and it was fun pretending like we were house-hunting, too! I did find 1 treasure -

This adorable set of Hummel postcard-prints (in terrible plastic frames). They were marked $1 but I negotiated down to $0.75 since the frames were broken and the pictures kept sliding out. Not a bad deal. ;) I didn't even know what a Hummel was until I got home earlier and looked it up on the computer. I think they're simply adorable!
I also bought a mint-condition Jesus Christ Superstar double-disc album for my mom. It was $0.50. Oh yeah.
I hope everyone had lovely weekends, and is lucky enough to spend today with their Mother! Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there who is one! :)

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