Sunday, May 6, 2007

Snail-cushion, et cetera

I made this snail pincushion this evening. I started out making only frog-princes, but soon got bored and made this snail and an owl, too. The owl didn't turn out so good (weird shape!), but I liked the snail. The only problem with him is where I stitched around his shell to close him up - its a little messy (I'm not a very good seamstress!). So I stuck some pins in him and dubbed him my new pincushion. He suits me very well!

Here are my little princes!

Aren't they cute? Each one is hand-drawn directly on the fabric with a fabric pen. It was a bit tedious (which is why I quickly turned to snails), but I think the end product was worth it. The backs of each one are different fabrics - one is pink with tiny white hearts, another is yellow with swirls, and the last is mint green with all different colored hearts. I'm going to be adding them to the shop shortly.

*On a side-note: My icky cut finger is finally healed enough to not need a bandaid constantly. I went all day without a bandaid today, and realized, I have no feeling in the tip of my finger! I must have severed some nerves when I cut it. Yuck!! The cut healed quite nicely, though, I might add. And I'm sure that the nerves will eventually regrow - right now it just feels like I spilled superglue on my finger!

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