Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Elizabeth, the long-legged lady (my first doll!)

Can you believe I made this??
Me, of very limited sewing skills!
I made my own pattern based on a teensy little soft doll-form I got at the Goodwill last week for like a quarter. Its about 4" tall. My doll, whom I have named Elizabeth because of my recent obsession with Pride and Prejudice, is 16" tall. Her body ended up being a little shorter than I had planned, and her arms are a bit long, but I say it adds character! ;) I painted her hair and face with acrylic paint and a little fabric medium. When I was finished, she just didn't quite seem done, so I gave her a frilly collar. Perfect!
My mom asked how much I planned on selling her for.... I don't know if I can! Isn't that terrible? Falling in love with all of your projects is no way to run a business! Haha! At least now I have my pattern, so I can whip a few more babies like her out in no time....some other time. ;)
I'm going to clean up my mess a little and then....watch Pride and Prejudice again! Yay! :D
Happy Tuesday, my friends!

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  1. you and I are two of a kind. I just finished watching Jane Eyre, the one where William Hurt plays Rochester (the best one).
    I love Pride and Prejudice too! But I love the BBC (Colin Firth) version better than the Keira Knightley one.
    I love the new doll by the way! It's adorable! All the dolls now a days look like sluts. You should bring back ragdolls! Is she named after Lizzie Bennett?

    love, peach


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