Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another enchanted day in the woods...

Well, I've been awful and lazy lately, so instead of being productive with my free time, I go walking in the woods with my favorite boy.

Wild rhodondendron

See the wild canary??


It was just such a beautiful day today! We packed a picnic lunch (ok, it was leftover pizza, so?!), and walked on the trails, and took turns taking pictures (only 1 that Chris took turned out because he's used to big, fancy, professional cameras from school, and hasn't ever really used mine, but he really does take good pictures. ;) This is his version of this tree:

And here's my version of the same tree:

I think those 2 very different pictures of the same tree say a lot about both of us - his is very dark, and ethereal, and sort of "big-picture", and mine is super-detailed and bright. (Plus he took photojournalism classes, and I have absolutely no training in photography, so that might have something to do with it also!)

And now, I have some un-fun things to do, such as laundry and room-cleaning. Then I'm back down to Chris' house and maybe to Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum?? We want to do more fun things today... Hmm......

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