Thursday, July 19, 2007

Elephants On Parade

I think this girl has elephants on the brain!
We went to Mister Ed's Elephant Museum yesterday. Mostly, its a candy/souvenier shop, but there is a little "elephant museum" in one part of the building... This Mr. Ed has been collecting things with elephants on it since the 60's, and he's got over 6,000 items on display. It was all fascinating, because there were antique toys, jewelry, and even a child's training toilet, with elephants on it.... the only problem I had was that there were no little plaques, or cards, or anything, to tell you about the items. Just shelves and shelves, filled with elephant memorabilia. But still a fun time.

You can see the rest of my pictures from Mister Ed's in my Flickr set.

So anyway, now Chris has gone back to State College. Since I've got quite a busy month ahead of me, I'm not sure when I'll get to see him again. That's really quite depressing. I have 3 days off from work coming up next week, but I'll have to make a doctor's appointment for one of those days so I can have my school physical (bleh), and I really shouldn't spend any money anyway since right after that I leave for vacation in Atlanta... the day after we come back from Atlanta, I have a 2-day concert to go to in Baltimore (VirginFest), and in the days right after that, I'll be house-sitting for some friends for about a week. And only about 2 weeks after that, school will start. And then who knows. How very depressing - it makes me very anxious, not knowing when I'll see Chris again. But I can take comfort in knowing that we've done it before. Most of our 3-year relationship has been long-distance-ish, only getting to see each other every couple of weeks, or in the most extreme times, every couple of months. I guess that's how it goes, when we're both in school, and have jobs, and everything else. At least he graduates in December.... but then - he's applied for jobs all over the country... California, Maine, New Jersey, Ohio. I could just strangle him, sometimes. ;) I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that he'll get the first call from my local newspaper, and not have a need to take interviews anywhere else. *fingers crossed*

On to a different subject now, I watched a few movies yesterday. First, I watched The Triplets of Belleville. It was, to say the least, mesmerizing. Strange, no doubt, but I couldn't stop watching it! Its just not at all what you'd expect from an animated film... its very dark, and all hand-drawn, and so detailed! You just have to see it. Its fantastic!

I also watched Disney-Pixars' Ratatouille. Very cute! I wasn't really thrilled to see it, but it definitely exceeded my expectations! I will say, though - Disney films just don't feel like Disney films anymore. I was trying to figure out why, and then it hit me - no music! There are no song-and-dance numbers in Disney films anymore. Whatever happened to the big musical scenes, like there used to be? Think about it - all of the great Disney classics have great soundtracks, even going on to win awards. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Pocahontas.... I could go on. But no more! It really makes a difference, to me, anyway.
Ok. I'm done complaining. Sorry for all the negative energy today! I'm just a bit sad today, and more than a little anxious about all of the things that will be happening in the near future. My life is coming to a crossroads, and I'm a bit nervous!

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