Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

You know, the Bluebird of Happiness! ;)

Well! My day just improved radically! Chris called a few minutes ago to tell me that he's got an interview with my local newspaper! That was the whole reason he came home earlier this week: to apply in-person at my local newspaper, since a) they're hiring and b) he's graduating in December. We went on Monday, and they told him the position had been hired just 2 days before that. He was so disappointed! (So was fact, I think I was even more disappointed! I really wanted him to move to this area after college, since I'm starting at a local college in the fall and will be here for the next couple of years!). So I've been super bummed-out, thinking that he'll end up taking a job at the other end of the country, and that will be it for us. But! I have new hope! The editor of the paper called him today and said that the woman who had been hired found a job closer to her home, and they'd like to interview Chris! We're both super-excited. I hopehopehope he gets the job!!! There's an apartment for rent right below and next door to 2 of my good friends, and it would just be perfect for him/us... he asked if I'd be moving in right away, but I think I'd like some time for him to get used to a job, and me to get used to school again, before moving in together.... its only 15 minutes from my parents house, anyway! Oh, listen to me, getting ahead of myself! First he needs to get the job! Silly me. :D

Since I was so happy, I got a bit inspired, and drew this sweet little card set:


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