Monday, July 23, 2007

Furry, But Still Pretty

Aren't they just the sweetest?! They're both a bit shy about their... unique qualities.... but for no reason! I think they're beautiful!
My, What Big Ears You Have!

Shy as a Fox

They'll be available in the shop very soon!
What else have I been up to? Well..... I got halfway through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night. Its quite a long book, so I'm satisfied with this progress! I meant to finish the rest of it today before work at 4 o'clock this evening, but I really felt like drawing instead. Perhaps I'll take it to work with me to read on my breaks.
I'm super-excited about a couple of things: number one, Chris is coming home this evening for his interview with The Record Herald tomorrow. I am on pins and needles, waiting to see if he'll get this job! I am soooo hoping that he will, so he'll be in this area whilst I am finishing school! (Everyone keep your fingers crossed for him tomorrow!)
And number two, I just got an email from miss Heidi Kenney (some of you might know her as My Paper Crane), who happens to live in the same town as me (and whom I didn't know lived in the same town as me until recently, and whom I have never met, which is shocking, as its a very small town!). Anyway, she replied to an email I sent asking about a Crafter's Circle that is apparently held in our town once a month, which I have never heard of. She gave me the email address of the lady who organizes it, so of course I promptly asked for details! It would be wonderful to meet other crafty people in this area, especially a talent like Miss Heidi!

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  1. The little edge details adds a little specialness to it :)


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