Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shop Update, Part Deux

The Lollipop Topiary
I loved how my Peppermint Tree turned out yesterday, so I made a part deux - a Lollipop Topiary! Its already in the shop...go have a look!
I was playing around a bit with my fancy new paper-corner-punch. It has 3 different punches for the corners of paper, and they look like pretty lace. I pretty much love it. ♥
And now, because I'm jealous of everyone who currently has their nose stuck in a certain book, I'm going to read its predecessor (since I'm a bit behind, and have only read through #4, but seen the movie for #5, so we'll consider that 'caught up'!).
Off I go to read for the rest of the evening!
Happy Sunday to everyone!

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