Saturday, July 21, 2007

*~*Shop Update*~*

Hooray! I'm finally updating the shop again!

I went to the craft store today (actually TWO craft stores!!), and loaded up on all sorts of new supplies, so as to bring you new goodies, such as these:

The totes won't be available in the shop for another couple of days... these are my first two, and I need to do some testing in the wash, etc. I am so super-excited about them! I love how they turned out. We'll keep our fingers crossed; and they should be in the shop by the middle of the week!

I'm also pondering whether I should add some sort of design around his neck... a crest, or a banner, or something... I'm open to suggestions! Or maybe you like it how it is? Leave me some comments and help me out!


I did a wee bit of painting tonight, and came up with this:

Little Peppermint Tree

I have been dreaming of this tree all day long, and it came out just perfect! I bought a bunch of these pretty little plaques today, so I'm thinking about doing a few more similar to this. I'll have a hard time saying goodbye to this one!


I have a few other things up my sleeve, but for now I have to go to sleep! Work is bright and early tomorrow, boo! But then I have all afternoon to whip up some more goodies for your viewing pleasure! ;)

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