Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have dirt in my nose.

Just wanted to drop by to say, hello, and that I have been digging in the dirt ALL. DAY. LONG. Really. All day. And not only my dirt - oh, no. Grandma and I went to a lady's house, where she advertised that she would sell 3 shovel-fulls of her lilies for only $10. So 3 shovel-fulls, we got. Three different varieties. She must have had 2o different varieties all around her house. They're so beautiful. I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow after I plant them. I also bought a Camelot Cream Foxglove. Yay! I love foxglove! I love all big, bright flowers. Hooray!
So, after it cooled down a bit this evening (it was soooo hot today!), I went out there and dug, dug, dug until my garden is about twice the size it was earlier today! Its so much easier to do when its a nice, breezy evening! I still have a bit of digging to do, on the other side of the old lilac bush. Oh! I started digging on that side, when it started getting dark this evening, and I found something wooden buried along the perimeter.... an old garden fence-border that was part of the old flower bed! I'm definitely going to clean it up and use it somewhere around my garden...
I have so many ideas for different gardens around the yard now! After I'm done planting the remainder of my current flower bed, I plan on making a butterfly garden in the backyard where there's already a bit of a hole dug where our first swimming pool was, years ago. Grandma has tons of milkweed, butterfly bush, and bee balm that we can put back there.... and we have a nice little sitting-area out under the old pine trees, where the hammock is - I'd like to plan some hostas around the pine trunks, and maybe a few shade-flowers around this one old stump we have out there....

Sorry I didn't take any pictures today - Too busy digging! I'm going to take some "before" pictures tomorrow while its too hot to be digging, and then you'll see exactly what I'm talking about as I'm describing all of these projects to you!

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