Monday, July 9, 2007

My Garden is A-Growin'!

It is growing, quite literally - I've been out digging last night and today, and widened my garden by about 2 feet. And I'm still not done!

I moved the 2 Hostas that Chris' mom gave me, and added 3 more that Grandma gave me yesterday, so I have a nice little row of Hostas under the lilac bush. Grandma planted a few portulacas at one end, and they've just started blooming these past few days. I have 2 new little garden sentinels, to keep out pesky gnomes, and I added little rock borders around my plants (mom says it reminds her of Blair Witch.... hmph!). I've been quite busy in my little garden yesterday and today! Oh! And I had a little visitor yesterday, which I got to see up close and personal (but unfortunately didn't have my camera on hand!). A tiny little hummingbird came and visited my Bee Balm twice yesterday, while I was right beside it! The first time it startled me, so I guess I jumped and scared it away. It came back later, and I heard it coming, so I sat very still.... and it sipped the nectar from my bee balm while I watched, motionless, only a foot away! Then, it saw me - and it actually came to inspect me! I don't know if maybe it saw its own reflection in my glasses, or what, but I was honestly scared it was going to attack my face. But it didn't, thank goodness! It flew at me and buzzed around my head for about a minute, and then I guess it was satisfied, because it darted off to the trumpet vine on the other side of the house. What an experience! Later, in the evening, I was eating dinner on the porch with my grandma, and we saw our little hummingbird sitting on a branch in the tree in the front yard. He buzzed around for a bit, then went back to his trumpet vine. I suspect he has a little nest in there....

bee balm

Little garden sentinels

Gardening has become a new fascination of mine.... I always thought I didn't possess the Green Thumb, but maybe I do? I hope! I have big plans for our yard, you see. We have quite a large yard, about 1 and a half acres, mostly just lawn. We rarely even go into the back parts of the yard, because there's nothing there. Just a tree or a bush scattered sparsely through the yard, with no rhyme or reason. What I would really like to do is have a walk-through garden, with a little pond (bigger than the one in the front garden), and a gazebo, like my mom has always dreamt of. Of course, its going to take me a few years to even get it going, but I think I can start this summer. Just little bits, here and there.... its going to be a cottage-style garden, not a perfectly-manicured landscape, by any means! So I suppose I'll be keeping you posted on that...

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