Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fancy New Banner

Oooh, look at that fancy-shmancy banner.... that's my first try at making my own. Not the very best ever, but its the best I could do with the program I have. I don't have Photoshop, grr.... hopefully my school will offer it at a discounted price for students! I loved using Photoshop at my old job at PhotoTHIS! That was the one (and only) good thing about that job - I learned quite a bit there!

I'm having a lovely, lazy day.... its dreary outside, and I'm lounging around my room in my comfy blue terry-cloth robe. I just ordered some delicious-sounding Candy Corn-scented incense for Chris (I think its safe to post about that on here, as I don't think he reads my blog as often as he claims to...). He recently "discovered" incense, and buys it from a seedy head-shop in State College, run by a guy named "Uncle Mike".... sounds sorta shady to me, so I decided to buy him some yummy fall-inspired incense that, a)I know he'll like, b)is handmade (♥ Etsy!), and c)being handmade, probably won't make me sneeze nearly as bad as the horrible patchouli-musk crap he gets from dear "Uncle Mike"!

Handmade by Fooberry Incense

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  1. HAHA! Anyone named Uncle Mike and runs a head shop is sketchy!

    Good for you for buying from Etsy!


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