Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ready to go!!!

Aha! My school schedule has finally been posted online! I've been waiting for weeks to see said schedule, and at last, my waiting is over! Its a pretty good schedule, except its only 12 credits.... still full-time, but I'd prefer 18 credits if I'm paying the same amount of money... I'm going to see, tomorrow at orientation, if I can add a class or two... at this point, I'll be able to work plenty and even have Fridays off! No classes on Fridays...hmm..... I like it......
So.... now that I have my schedule, I can start packing up my backpack! Oh my... see what a child I'm being? I'm so excited, I'm already packing up my backpack, putting together my binders, filling them with notebook paper, filling in dates in my student planner, planning my outfit for the first day of school.... I'm like a kid on their first day of kindegarten! :D

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