Friday, August 10, 2007

A Lovely Start to My Day...

Good morning, fair blog-readers!

How are you today?

I have had quite a morning already, and its not even 9 o'clock yet!

I woke up this morning very parched, so I shuffled downstairs, and to the refrigerator, for a little something to wet my tongue and wake me up a bit. The first thing I saw was an opened can of cola. I only wanted one little sip, and being carbonated, I thought the cola was a pretty good idea. So I took my one little sip. And there was something in my mouth, along with cola. Something about large-crumb-sized. I immediately expectorated the alleged crumb out of my mouth, and what did I see lying there? A bug. Oh yes. A bug big enough that it felt like a large crumb in my mouth. Not a little gnat. This was more like a fly, only without wings. *gag*!!!! Oh, how I gagged and moaned. I washed my mouth out about 3 times, and wiped my tongue with a paper towel, just to be safe. Oh, the horror!

So I recovered from my shock at having allowed a bug to swim inside of my mouth, and came upstairs to do a bit of work on the computer. I popped in to a favorite blog or two, and when I reached miss Marjorie's lovely blog, I was surprised at seeing my own name there on the screen... at closer inspection, my surprise turned into delight, as I realized I was one of two winners in her drawing for a piece of her beautiful artwork!

Hooray! I never win anything! It must be my lucky day! I'm so excited to receive my surprise in the mail! What a sweet girl, that Marjorie!

Also, I realized I took way too many pictures on vacation to ever show you, so I'm going to share one or two of my favorites every now and then. Its much easier for me; plus it gives you an excuse to come back and visit every day! :)

This was the African Cichlid tank at the Georgia Aquarium. I have a special fondness for cichlids, as they are actually quite terrifying (for fish). They pose no threat to humans; really, the only pose a threat to each other... they are simply so agressive and territorial! Of all the fish I've ever owned, cichlids are definitely my favorite. I could watch them for hours. Days, even.

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