Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pretty New Things

Yesterday was a big day for me - I went to the school and took care of some business.... namely, getting myself registered, purchasing a parking pass (fifty bucks!), and getting a student ID. Oh, and getting hopelessly lost multiple times in the very confusing one-way-streets of Shippensburg. Yeah. But still. I'm so excited!

To celebrate, I bought myself new School Shoes: Oh, how I love these pretty plaid Pumas (say that three times fast!). Getting new shoes is absolutely essential for school, as it has been since I can remember.... that's how you know school is about to start - mom and dad take you shopping for new kicks! Now, in my old age, I take myself shopping, courtesy of my laptop, for new kicks. But its still fun and exciting!

In other news, Chris is applying for grad school at Penn State this week.... I really hope he gets accepted! He really wants to be a professor someday, and I think he'd be a great one. Getting his masters now, instead of later, would be really good, I think. So everyone out there, keep your fingers crossed for him! :)

Oh! I almost forgot! I finally got around to finishing up the final phases of my tote bag testing... and they're a success! I've only got 2 colors done right now, but there will be plenty more to come soon!

Find these babies in the shop now!

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  1. Getting school stuff done is what I've done ALL day...

    I love going back to school shopping!

    ps-my fingers are crossed for Chris!


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