Saturday, August 18, 2007

Etsy Poster Contest Results.....!!!

Well, my poster wasn't a winner, or even a runner-up. But- oh, but! One of my products was included on a winning poster! Hooray!

Here's the poster with my pendant on it:

See that raincloud pendant? That's mine!

(Here's a link to all of the winners' posters)

Besides that pretty-exciting news, I also received a definitive approval of my loan request, so I can officially pay for school. It might not seem like a huge deal to some people, but when I got that email, I actually cried. I pay for my schooling, and its been off and on since I graduated from high school 5 years ago. This means I can go continuously (!!!) now and get my degree! I'm just so excited, I'm beside myself. :D

Also, I received a lovely package from miss Marjorie over at Marmee Craft. I won a little drawing on her blog the other day, and this was my wonderful prize! What a sweetie! I'm definitely going to send a little thank-you her way...

So, that's what's been going on with me. I'd say I've had a pretty good week (!), despite the fact that its been rather chilly around here.... its only in the 60's right now up here on the mountain where I live. Its probably about 70 down in town; its always a bit warmer off the mountain. Chilly and drizzly.... it must be Fall! I must admit, I'm a bit excited for Fall this year, though I normally dread it. I hate cold weather. I am most definitely cold-blooded, through and through. I love warm Spring days, green leaves, sunshine, birds singing...the works! But as I get older, I seem to appreciate Fall, and yes, even Winter (gasp!) a bit more. I do, at least, like dressing for Fall. Layers are my forte! ;)

...But I still hate snow!


  1. I saw that poster! Congrats! Well, are you going to tell us what it is you won?

  2. Sadly, there was no prize for having an item featured in a winning treasury. I guess the distinction is my prize! :)


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