Monday, October 15, 2007

Elements make up minerals; minerals make up rocks.

That's my mantra for the day. I have a midterm exam in Physical Geology today. Joy.
Actually, I'm not too worried about it. I really like that class, because I'm a nerd. But still. I've been putting off studying for the past few days. I've done anything and everything I could possibly think of to distract myself from an inevitable study session. I crawled through the attic and dug out my Fall clothes (and put away my summer clothes), cleaned out both of my fishtanks (which, I'm embarassed to admit, were absolutely disgusting), and this morning, as you can see, I'm still finding ways to avoid studying. "Five more minutes" is more likely my mantra today.
In other news, I'm still being a lazy bum. Well.... maybe not so much lazy, but un-motivated. Between work (which until this week consisted of every single day that wasn't completely filled up with school. Starting this week I actually have 2 days mostly free). So with those sort-of-free days, I'm hoping I'll be able to kick my butt into gear and do a bit of painting. I have a few projects shelved that I really should finish up. I just feel like I have so much on my plate right now - a wedding to go to on Saturday (haven't bought a gift yet - yike!!!), my best friend's birthday is on Saturday (need to finish up with her birthday presents and mail them out!), exams, projects, papers.... oy vei. I am just counting down the days until the end of the semester, and Christmas time!!!
And, last, but perhaps the most exciting for me - Chris is getting ready to graduate in December, and is looking to go to grad school. He really wants to go to Penn State, since by December he'll be an alumnus; but Ship. is an option as well. I can't help thinking, how awesome would it be if Chris came to my school? That would just be supreme.

I leave you today with the beginning of a phenomenal documentary, called Oil On Ice. The rest of the movie can be found on You Tube, just search for Oil On Ice.

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