Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day!

Hello, everyone! I do hope you've all forgiven me for being such a terrible blogger lately, and completely neglecting my poor little blog. I've come up with some ways to remedy that, and so far I think its working. I am actually here at school, laptop in hand, on my nice little 5-hour break that I have Tuesdays and Thursdays between classes. Normally, I meet my lovely friend Shianne for lunch around noon, and we chat until she has to go to work (she's interning as an athletic trainer for the school's football team) at 2:00. From 2:00 until 5:00, I take care of all of my school-related business. That mostly entails homework, of course. Well, Shi was feeling sick today so she stayed at home in bed until she had to go to work. I volunteered to help out my Comm. professor with organizing some class data pertaining to movies. Since my silly boyfriend is positively obsessed with movies and IMDB, I figured I could probably help my prof out and get a few extra credit points in the meantime. So I walked with my prof over to her office, and on the way, she said she was glad to be able to talk to me alone because she was hoping to get my permission to give my name to the Honors Program and see if she could get me admitted!!! I was like, YEAH! I had wanted to be in the Honors Program when I got accepted here, but was told that I wasn't likely to get in because I was a transfer student. Well. It just so happens that I have pretty darn close to a 4.0, including my transferred credits. So, yeah. I'm really excited about that.

Other reasons I'm happy?
Tomorrow I'm going to be visiting these little guys again...
I'm going there to pick up a gift for my sweet friend Lani, who's just been having a terrible week.

This little sweetie is going to live in California!

And, today is my honey's 23rd birthday! He didn't even remember that it was his birthday today... I called him this morning, and asked him how his day was going, trying to prompt him to beg me to say happy birthday... he had completely forgotten! How typical of a man. :/

That reminds me, I need to send him an e-card now... I gave him his presents last week when we were actually together. He's not really big on birthdays, or holidays for that matter, but I'm definitely working on fixing that!


  1. ahhhhh!!!! (and yes, it's 8 p.m.i'm still wearing my fedoras and i'm listening to head automatica)i feel excited for some reasons!! hahaha!! but as usual.. i thank you banana for keeping me up all the time!! medications, injury, phil,urgh... but i don't think i could ever recover this fast if you're not there.. every single day.. i swear.. you'll always be the best banana on earth!! ever ever!! >>LaniBanana


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