Monday, October 22, 2007

Stressful, stressful week!!

Well, my past week or so has been filled with STRESSSSS!!! Some of it was the good kind, where you feel delightfully hectic and busy, but at least purposeful. The rest of it has been the kind that won't let you fall asleep at night, and wakes you up at 3 o'clock in the morning after you've had a terrible nightmare about a swarm of bees chasing you into a room filled with enormous alligators. Yes. I really dreamt that.
On Saturday, Oct. 20, two of my very good friends, Amanda and Ryne, became Mr. and Mrs. Ryne Hollingsworth. Awwwww. It was such a beautiful, but stressful day! I wasn't even in the wedding party at all, but I sort of served as jill-of-all-trades and honorary bridesmaid. Friday night, 4 of the 5 bridesmaids, and the bride, and myself, all slept over at my friend Lauren's (who, you may remember, became a Mrs. this past May) house. It was so much fun. We just sat up and giggled and kept Amanda from totally freaking out about the logistics of her wedding the next day.
Saturday morning, we all woke up early. Lauren was lovely and made blueberry pancakes, and had lots of fresh fruit for the guests. I made my delicious scrambled eggs (although nobody wanted cheese in theirs, so they didn't get the total package!). We went to The Lodge around 10 o'clock and took care of lots of last-minute kind of stuff: putting favor bags at all of the place settings, putting together the arch for the ceremony, and whatnot.
Lauren, Shianne, and I played Personal Stylists and did everyone's hair and makeup. The room at the lodge that we used as a salon looked like a disaster - makeup, curling irons, and dresses thrown EVERYWHERE. But all in all, everything came together and was beautiful. I think Amanda and Ryne had a great time, which is the most important part of course!
My dumb boyfriend didn't come home for the wedding (as he hates weddings and anything generally relating to the "m-word"), but , I've got luck on my side - Who do you suppose caught the bouquet??
So, even though he insists that he doesn't want to get married for at least another 10 years (in which case, he'd better start looking for a new girlfriend soon!), you may just find out that I'll soon be married! (Ok, a girl can dream, right?)
So, that was all the good kind of stress, where you're excited about your friends getting married, and having a slumber party, and running around like a madwoman trying to get the bride's makup just right. What's that alligator dream all about?
It seems that professors have a secret coalition wherein they decide to all assign difficult projects, essays, or exams at the exact same time. I can go for about 2 weeks with little work, carefree and happy. And then the Evil Professors Coalition get together. I just have so much work due in the next 3 days, it felt like the walls were caving in around me.
...until about 10 minutes ago.
I made a last-ditch effort and emailed my history professor to see if maybe, just maybe, he had a heart, and would postpone my group's presentation until next Monday (supposed to be this Wednesday). In my defense, I'm in a group of 5, with only one other intelligent human being. The other three members of the group either don't show up to class AT ALL, or put forth very little effort. I already talked to my prof. about that, and he did say that he wanted to know if any members weren't doing their part, but that still doesn't help me and the other girl with a fully-functioning brain. We were on the phone last night until about 10:00, trying to figure out how to delegate the work, and when we would have enough time to meet and put it in to a powerpoint presentation. So today, I got desperate and emailed the prof. He responded within 5 minutes. We 're presenting on Monday.
With an extra couple of days for that, I feel totally in-control again. I can breathe! Now I only have like 478346 other projects to do! What a relief! ;)
Next on my agenda: memorizing 4 chapters of my Problems of the Environment textbook for a big exam on Thursday.

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  1. you need to take a nice deep breath :]
    my week is going to be like this bc it's the week after midterms when all the profs go satan on your ass and assign riduculously long papers...bring it ON!


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