Thursday, October 25, 2007


Wow. I'm tired.
I read my Problems of the Environment textbook for hours yesterday. Not that its not an interesting book; it is. Its just, when you read about nuclear power plants and geothermal energy for 8 hours straight, your brain really just turns into mush. Plus, I find it absolutely impossible to function after 5 o'clock. Like clockwork, 5 o'clock came around yesterday, and I was done. My poor little brain just couldn't handle anymore. So I've been sitting here in the coffeeshop on campus for about 2 hours now, just reading and reading. I think my brain has absorbed as much as its going to for this exam. Once I reach this point, I just can't force any more information into my head. So I'm done. If I don't know the information by now, it wouldn't make any difference if I studied for the next 3 hours. I'm pretty sure I'll do fine on the exam anyway, since I usually set the curve in that class - I ended up getting a 103% on the last exam because I got a couple of questions right that no one else in the entire class got right, so she counted them as extra credit for me. Yay. So hopefully something like that will happen again today, and I will not have suffered in vain. ;)
In other news... I keep forgetting to tell ya'll that I've decided to be a Flexitarian. Yes, that's right. An open-minded vegetarian. :D I'm eating mostly vegetarian, but leaving my options open, one day each week. When I lived on my own (and consequently did my own grocery shopping and cooking), I was much healthier. I only bought healthy foods, ate fresh seafood all of the time (because I lived at the beach), rode my bike a lot.... now that I'm back in PA, and for a lot of reasons, I can't do most of those things. I've gained about 20 lbs. in the past 2 years, I'm ashamed to say. Not that I'm a huge person or anything - I'm still a very small person! But I'm definitely not as healthy as I was before, and I feel different. So I've taken the plunge, and gone flexitarian. I'm actually eating mostly veggies, but I did have some chicken at Amanda and Rynes' wedding last Saturday because it looked delicious, and it was a special occasion. Other than that, I haven't eaten any meat at all in almost 2 weeks now! Its suprisingly easy, too. I went grocery shopping the other day at a new grocery store that I had never been in before, and boy was I impressed. Their health food section was astonishing. I seriously spent an hour in there, perusing the aisles of by-the-pound granola, dried fruits, and meatless chick'n nuggets. I bought some really fabulous meatless sausages - apple spice flavor! I was a bit skeptical at first, but I tried one yesterday, and I am 100% positive that I could cook one for Chris (a notorious meat-lover), and he would NEVER know the difference. It looked, felt, and tasted like a chicken sausage. And it was completely meatless, made of soy. Amazing.
So... now I have about 1/2 hour to kill before I have to run out to my car and switch one huge pile of books for another huge pile, and then go to the computer lab and print out a draft for my writing class today. Yuck. I really wish I could skip that class sometimes, but since there are only 11 people in my class (including myself), its a pretty intensely personal class, and I think maybe the professor would notice I wasn't there. *sigh*
I leave you with my absolute favorite song of the day:
Hyperballad by the Twilight Singers
My favorite Bjork song, covered by The Twilight Singers = L♥ve

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