Thursday, November 29, 2007


Hm. My writing class was cancelled yet again today. I'm really starting to worry if there's something wrong with my professor... this is the 3rd class in a row that has been cancelled/deemed unnecessary to go to. Last Thursday he emailed me to tell me not to bother coming, because he just graded my rough draft as a final draft and gave it an A. I guess there just weren't any corrections to be made, so why bother writing a second draft? (I'm not complaining!) Then, Tuesday, he sent out an email and said that class was cancelled because he had a "severe upset stomach". Now today there was a note on the classroom door that said class was cancelled. Again. I hope he's ok.... normally he emails the class to let us know class is cancelled. Its very odd that he only left a note on the door today. Hmm.....
In any case, I spent the past hour in the CUB with the school newspaper and a cup o' joe. Yum. Reading through the newspaper really made me wish I had my own apartment again. If only I could afford it..... le sigh. I'm sure I could get a decent apartment for only a couple hundred per month; but why spend that money (which I actually don't have, being a poor college student and all) on rent when I could put it to better use (ie student loans and new shoes)? Hopefully I will land that promotion at work; at least then I'll be working a few more hours, plus getting a $0.90 raise. *fingers crossed*
I'm awfully wordy lately, aren't I? I know. I'm sorry. Its just that I really can't jam another item (camera) in my school bag, as its already crammed full with my laptop and school books. One more thing, be it only a few ounces, will probably give me a crooked spine. Or at least a dislocated shoulder. I should really look into getting one of those backpacks-on-wheels. Except it probably wouldn't be too practical once it starts snowing around here...which, from the 10-day forecast, looks like it will be pretty soon.
Anyway, I guess I'm going to head over to my next class in a few minutes....we're talking about Wetlands today in Problems of the Environment, so of course I'm pumped.
No, I'm not being sarcastic. I really am excited. I'm a nerd.

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