Friday, November 30, 2007


Oh boy, I found some treasures today that really put me in the holiday spirit! I spent most of my day (and still right now) with a terrible headache... but these treasures definitely made me feel a bit better! Plus, the news that we're in for a snowstorm tomorrow...hooray!

More wooden ornaments!

Look at the detail! This is my favorite one.

Another little mushroom-sitting elf, just like my other one. He might just sneak into ye old shoppe one day soon...

And what do you suppose this little guy is doing? My best guess is that he's playing a holiday game of...volleyball?? Hmm..

And this one was just too funny to pass up.... a tiny red baby bassonet.....

With a tiny wooden baby inside! Is it Baby Jesus? I don't know!

I am so thrilled about my little ornaments!

I've added some new stuff to the shop since last night.... and there's still more to come! I have bunches to do tonight, like picking out clothes for my field trip in the mountains tomorrow, packing a lunch, doing some laundry, cleaning my room.... the list goes on and on!

Until later!


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