Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ok, I give up!

I'm done with my Christmas shopping! At least....I hope I am - I have to work every day from yesterday, through Christmas Eve, so if I've forgotten any gifts, well....that's just too bad! Thankfully, I have my immediate family and boyfriend taken care of. I ordered everyone's gifts off of Etsy (except mom and grandma because I got their gifts a while back, and they were just to perfect to pass up). All of the items have arrived, except what I ordered for my 17 year old sister. I know its been shipped, but still no sign of it. That worries me a bit because I've received packages from far-away California and Canada, but not one item from Ohio, which is really only a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from here. So I might need a Plan B for her present. Uh-oh. I'm going to do one more throrough seach through the living room, because sometimes people bring in the mail and just throw it wherever they feel like, and don't bother telling other people they've received mail.
But anyway. I crocheted an entire project for the first time in my whole life last night. And it actually turned out pretty good, at least for my first try. ;) I won't say what it is in case a certain boyfriend of mine happens upon this blog (he probably won't, but just in case!) because it is a Christmas present for him. But now that I know I am capable of crocheting, I'm a bit excited to try out some different stitches and projects. Hmmm..... I also meant to take a few pictures of the finished product, but alas I already wrapped it up and stuck it under my little tree, so pictures will have to wait until Christmas morning.
Happy Saturday-before-Christmas to you all!

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