Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to Schooooooool

Well, its been a lovely, much-needed, fun-filled vacation. And now, its over. It's back to school for me! Today is the first day of the Spring semester - and its the first time [ever] that I'm going two consecutive semesters.... and at the same school, too! This is a big step for me! Haha.
I'm actually excited for the semester to start. Even though I really enjoyed the holiday break, I'm ready to go back. Mostly because I'm tired of spending so much time at work... it'll be a nice change of scenery. ;)
I'm not, however, very excited about my courses this semester. Most of them sound supremely boring, but I won't judge just yet. Anyway, I picked them because they fill in my requirements. That means after this semester, its all major-related courses instead of filler classes I won't ever use. Like "Principles of Macro-Economics". Gag.
There hasn't been much [*ahem* any] crafting going on lately. You can blame the Boy for that. Since he graduated from Penn State at the end of December and moved back home, I actually get to see him on a regular basis [*shock*]; so I really haven't been doing much of anything except hanging out with him and re-learning how to do "normal" couple-things... like grocery shopping, making trips to the bank, going to the library, and reading books....together. Its funny because we've been together for over 3 1/2 years, and we're just starting to learn how to do these things together because we've never seemed to be in the same place at the same time. This is a big step for us! ;)

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