Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do I want one?

The Amazon Kindle, that is.
I'm fascinated by this....but the rational part of my mind is screaming, "Why, oh whyyy would you need that?!" I usually buy my books used from Amazon anyway.... so its much cheaper than $8 or $9 for a Kindle-edition of a book. And the initial $400....yikes. Of course, with all technical gadgets, the price will definitely go down as the technology gets better.... but still. Is this thing cool, or is it another sign of our times where we can't be bothered to carry around a mere ~paper~ book.... instead, we simply must have it on our own little techno-device. I'm torn.
(And I say this as I'm BLOGGING and listening to my hot-pink Ipod)
Along these same philosophical lines, I found an interesting book (a jump-off from this book, recommended by miss Marmee) that I may very well be buying in the near future. As soon as I get some money, that is(!!).
Speaking of books, I've just added a Goodreads widget to the left side of my blog- its a showcase of some of the books I've read (which hopefully will be expanding more and more!).
Ok, I'm off to a nap, er...I mean a bit. Happy Thursday!

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  1. I just love buying books at the bookstore, it's like my favorite thing ever, I don't think I could own a gadget like that. it is a clever idea though! but expensive!!


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