Thursday, February 21, 2008

Very exciting, indeed!

Oh my! I am ever-so excited!

First, my bestest friend Lani reminded me this morning that Spring Break is coming up, and we should plan on doing something. So we put our vacation-planning caps on and have decided to take a mini-road trip to Virginia/North Carolina! We plan on hitting Williamsburg, Norfolk/VA Beach, and the OBX! I'm so excited to show her all of the places I used to haunt in OBX! I'm especially excited to revisit my dear aquarium (Roanoke Island).

We also decided that it is absolutely imperative that we attend the DC 101 Shamrockfest!! An entire day of Irish music and festivities! Hooray!


Another source of my great excitement today is the actual progress I've been making. The deer tote is finished; and I'm almost done with a second tote (which I will very likely be keeping for myself, I'm so tickled with how it turned out). But not to fear - I'm so tickled with how the totes have turned out, and find that I quite enjoy embroidery, so I fully plan on making quite a few of them! And perhaps some other embroidered things....Hmm.......

I think tonight I'll go home, pop in a movie, and churn out a few more bags.

Oh! And I just remembered one other thing I'm super-excited about. I ordered a book last night from Amazon. I loooooooved the movie when I was a kid (I even had the tshirt, I was so cool!), and my sister was watching it last night with her friend. So I looked up the book on Amazon, and lo and behold, it shall be mine! Yay!!

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  1. eeeeeee!!! omg.. i can't wait for this!! it's not gonna be too warm for a mini break.. but hey!! me leaving md, and you leaving pa is always exciting!!! yay!!!


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