Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy birthday to me...part deux!

Ok, I'm back from shopping with my mom. I got one treasure at the Goodwill, which I will show you as soon as I get some decent pictures of it; and she took me shopping at Target, where I got some really really wonderful goodies! But alas, I don't have pictures of them yet, either. But I will, and then I will show you. Until then, I'll leave you hanging.

But, I do have pictures of my cupcakes! I'm so proud of them! Just look!

All of the miniatures came from miss A.Bel, except for the mushrooms, which were a thrift store find the last time I visited Norfolk. The tiny deer and gnome cupcakes are my two favorites. I also really like the ballerina.....
And now, I'm off to have some vegetarian red beans & rice with "chicken" and some cupcakes...and then we're going to play Disney Scene It, which was one of my birthday presents. Oh! And then green cupcake stand above was a present to myself that I got at Target today. Hooray!

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