Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A stressful week ahead

And so it begins. Finally, the stress begins this semester.
I've got an in-class writing assignment tomorrow for Ethics, an Atmosphere exam this Thursday (yikes), and both Economics and Geography exams next Thursday. Plus countless other little assignments here and there. And I work Wednesday morning before class, then Friday-Sunday. So there is no rest for the weary around here.
In other news.....um, there is no news. I've pretty much been doing nothing but reading/studying/writing over the past few days. More of that tonight, of course. I'm always so tired when I get home from classes. My brain just doesn't function. So I'll try to read some ethics stuff tonight, and fall asleep while reading no doubt; then work 7a.m.-noon tomorrow, then leave for class at 1 o'clock, and get home around 5:30. Then study like crazy for the Atmosphere exam all night, and get up Thursday morning and study some more. *sigh*

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