Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Oh dear. I'm having a bit of a time convincing myself that I should be studying terribly hard for my exam in Atmospheres tomorrow..... partly because of this...

I like listening to a movie in the background while I'm studying, but I do love this movie so....

*le sigh*

I had such a lovely day today. For no reason at all, really.... I just felt happy all day. I was able to sign up for (limited) benefits today at my job, which is wonderful, since I have been uninsured for going on 5 years now; I had a nice day at classes today; and I saw the most magnificent rainbow. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the rainbow, but I did take some pictures with my cellphone...while I was driving.... hehe.

Ok, enough for now. I'll try to study a bit more. You'll probably hear more from me later!


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