Thursday, February 7, 2008

A heaving sigh of relief

Whew! I can breathe a little easier, at least for now, since that awful Atmospheres exam is out of the way. I surprised myself and actually knew MOST of what was on the exam. I'm pretty sure it wasn't an A, but I'm pretty sure I didn't fail, either. So..... I guess I probably won't drop the class, as I was thinking I would do if I absolutely bombed the exam. I guess I'll make a final decision next week when we get our grades.
I'm so happy that today is Thursday. This week felt pretty taxing to me, I suppose because this was the first exam of the semester. Next week I have two more, but I'm not nearly as worried about those as I was about Atmosphere. So maybe I can relax a little bit this weekend. Of course, I work Friday-Sunday, but I don't have to study every hour that I'm not at work. Maybe I'll get some more stuff in ye old shop. Or maybe do a bit of thrifting? Hmm.... the possibilities!
I'm really starting to get a travelling bug. That is, my feet are starting to itch! I love to travel, and see new places. I haven't been on a proper vacation in almost 2 years! Actually, more than that, unless you count moving to North Carolina and then Maryland for a year. Which I guess I really don't. I did go on a 'family vacation' to Georgia with my entire family (and then some) over the summer, but it wasn't what I would call was fun, don't get me wrong - but I guess I'm getting to the age where vacations are me and Chris, or me and a friend, or even just lil' ol' me. Spring break is coming up, in March, and shockingly, I'm really thinking about going NORTH. While everyone else will be in Cancun, I'm thinking I might try out Canada. Or at least New England. I might not even make it past New Jersey, depending on monetary constraints....but still, shoreline is shoreline! I want a quaint New England town, filled with antique shops and bed and tourists traps..... for low, low prices of course!
Does anyone have any suggestions? Please please please tell me if you know a place like I've described!
Anyway, have lovely, wonderful Thursdays!

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