Saturday, February 23, 2008

Its good to be a Moocher!

I found THE coolest website EVER this morning. Of course, I'm probably way behind the times, and everybody else already knows about it, but I'm excited.

Its called Book Mooch. Basically, its a free book-trading community. You earn "points" toward being able to trade by listing your own books that you'd like to send to other people. I listed 10 books this morning, and I'm already receiving one and sending one. The only cost at all is the price of shipping (media mail!). I'm super-excited because I listed some of my books on Amazon, at a going-rate of only a penny. A penny!! So after my Amazon fees and whatnot, I'd make a total of like, fifty cents. Whoopee. But instead, now I can trade my books for other books. That's pretty cool.
Oh, and I added a widget on the left-hand side of the screen so you can see what books I currently have in my Moocher inventory! Check it out!
I found another cool book site called Eco-Libris. You make a paypal donation to "balance out" the ecological footprint of your books, and in return Eco-Libris plants trees and also sends you an Eco-Libris sticker/bookplate for every book you "balance out". The goal is to make reading 'sustainable'. That's also pretty cool.
My computer is acting stupid tonight, so I don't have any pictures to show of the things my mom got for me at the thrift store today. *sigh* Tomorrow.

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