Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Target makes everything better

I simply got fed-up with the horrible rainy weather today (after I soaked my entire left leg in a muddy puddle). So I totally skipped my 5:00 class (Economics, yuck) and went shopping at Target instead. Yay! I had some money left on my gift card from Christmas; and I decided it was high time to use it up. And actually, I still have like $1.40 left! Haha.

My intention at Target was to get a new umbrella (since mine simply went missing) and maybe a raincoat and some galoshes. Well. I never did find the umbrellas....strange. They only had one style of galoshes left (black with white polka dots), but I really didn't like them very much. Everybody has those. And I didn't see any raincoats. So I was doomed to be damp today. But...I did find these, my new most-favorite-shoes-ever!

I originally planned on getting these, but upon closer inspection I decided I didn't like them as much as I'd thought. They looked like they might get those irritating cracks in them very quickly. So I got the brown leather-y ones instead (not real leather, I don't think). They're SO comfortable! I lovelovelove them! And only $14.99 (at my store, anyway)!

And...this is really exciting...the organic-cotton sheets I had my eye on a while back but didn't get because they were too expensive are ON CLEARANCE. Under $10. Oh yeah. They're SO nice, too! Really - not only are they organic (yay!), they're super-thick and soft, and really satiny (even though they're just cotton). They're shiny, too. I love them. Oh, I just can't wait to crawl into bed tonight!

And look who I get to snuggle with!

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