Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A list of complaints.

Ick. What a dreadful, icky day outside. Its drizzly, and COLD - like 30 degrees cold. But its still rain, and not ice or snow, which makes it that much colder, wetter, and more miserable.
And....somebody took my umbrella. By 'somebody', I think I mean one of my sisters. I don't have any proof (yet), but I know it was hanging by the front door, and this morning it was gone. It really just isn't fair. They only have to walk from the school parking lot up to the school, and then they're inside all day. I, on the other hand, have to walk across campus multiple times in the freezing wet cold. Yuck. And I actually had cute hair this morning. Not anymore. Now I have puffy, frizzy, wet hair. *sigh*
And another thing. I'm wearing one of my favorite sweatshirts today. Its white with a brown seahorse on it. And now, it has big, hot-pink splotches all over it. It must have been washed with something pink that bled all over the place, because really, I look like I'm wearing a white-and-pink tie-dyed sweatshirt now. How embarassing. Oh well. All for the sake of at least staying a little bit warm and dry today.
Is it Spring yet?

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