Thursday, February 14, 2008

There's something in the air....

and I don't think its Cupid! I think its more along the lines of germs. Tons of germs.

I've had a cold of some sort for almost a week now, and no sign of feeling better. I might [gulp] actually go to the doctor if I'm not feeling well enough to go to work tomorrow. Its not even that I don't feel well - I don't feel all that bad (you know, aches and pains of the flu-sort); I just can't breathe. My head/sinuses are soooo stuffed up. I can hardly see straight from the sinus pressure, and I look like Rudolph.

Too bad school wasn't cancelled today, like it has been the past 2 days! We had quite a bit of snow, but the weather is decent today. I totally blame the topsy-turvy weather for getting me sick! And I would have loved for school to have been cancelled today, since I have 2 exams!! I already had the Geography one (wasn't too bad); its the Economics one that's going to kill me. Oh! And I got my Atmosphere exam back (from last week, remember?) - I got an 80%. That's much lower than what I'm used to getting, but when she told us the breakdown of the grades for both sections combined (a total of 55 students), I felt much better about it. Out of 55 students, there were a total of 8 who had at least an 80% or above. The class avg. was 69%, and there were plenty (read: 29) of students who had below a C. So, all-in-all, I'm fairly satisfied with an 80%. At least now I know what to expect on her next exam. And she gives out extra credit....

So anyway. I went to the craft store yesterday and picked up some goodies, which I will show you when I get home this evening. I watched two movies last night, including my most favorite ever, and this one....

I must admit, I didn't like Becoming Jane as much as I had hoped I would....mostly because of the ending (which I won't give away, in case you haven't seen it yet!). I'm going to give it a second chance, though, because I was a bit distracted while I was watching it (distracted by.... I'll show you pictures later!). I did like it, don't get me wrong - just not as much as I would have liked to. If that makes sense.

Enough of that. I should really get back to studying Economics.... as stimulating as it is. I promise I'll be back later with pictures of new projects!



  1. I love snuggling down on the sofa and watching films when I'm ill, can't beat a bit of escapism. x

  2. what a great pairing of movies though! I JUST bought becoming jane and I haven't seen it yet! I hope I like it! mmm...James McAvoy...*sigh*


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