Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well. I arrived at my 2 o'clock class to find a hand-written sign on the door, proclaiming class to be cancelled. Boo, hiss. Not that I wanted to go to Atmospheres, no; I'm mad because my next class doesn't start until five o'clock! So I've been in the computer lab for... 2 hours. With an hour left to go. I am getting so sleepy! And my five o'clock class is Economics....bor-ing!

In my large amount of spare time, I did, however, find some very wonderful, inspiring things...

This amazing photo-documentary.... my favorites have to be "Showpieces" and "Grannies"... I don't know why, I just love the people in them! I also love the whole idea behind the project - that people have certain things in common, even if they think they're standing apart. I've often noticed this myself.

The work of Naoko Machida

There's something heart-breakingly sweet about the paintings....

(photo courtesy of the website of Naoko Machida)

This Spun-Cotton Piggy with Balloons by Vintage by Crystal

Little Peanut Bunny by Makeitawesome

I so desperately want this crewel kit from Project H

It would look so cute next to my thrifted pillow from last summer!

And now, I'm off to change around the color scheme here in the blog, and maybe get some coffee before Economics puts me to sleep at 5:00.


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  1. Cute totes, although the octopus is a little scary to me, I watched a special in Japan on them and I couldn't understand what was going on but the music was freaky and the beasts were attacking things...anyway, cute stuff!


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