Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy, sunny, beautiful day.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. It was already in the 70s by 10 a.m. Nice. However, I hadto lego to work, no fun. But just knowing that its nice and sunny outside at least gets me through the day!
I had a lovely day on Thursday. I had spent Wednesday night at Chris' house, so when we woke up, we cooked a nice breakfast of oatmeal with fresh blueberries and some Morningstar Veggie Scramble bites; and we took our breakfast outside to eat on the back patio. After breakfast, we headed to Caledonia, our most favorite place, for a nice stroll through the woods. After that, we drove a little further to Mr. Ed's for some candies, which we took with us to see Lars and the Real Girl on campus Thursday night. It was very, very good. Chris laughed the loudest in the whole theatre, which I got a kick out of for some reason. I just love him so much. :)
And now, I must bid you adieu. I have some school work to do this morning before job-work. Bleh. I hope you all get to enjoy beautiful, sunny, warm weather today!

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