Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warm-weather Wear!

So, I'm back from Annapolis, and I miss it already!
It was such a fun time, filled with Starbucks frappucinos, pretty summer dresses, and Rock Band!

I tried on just about every dress from Forever21 that I blogged about last time, and you know what? I didn't like any of them! Can you believe that?! I did find some great stuff, in any case. I think its because I've been losing weight since I've been going to the gym. I guess my body-shape is changing... I tried on styles that I wouldn't have normally ever even considered, and I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of styles I wouldn't have thought would look good on me, did.

Here's what I got:

Just a simple jersey dress that will go with just about everything. I got it in black
and also in white.

I got a tunic (more like a dress on short-lil' me) very similar to this... its grey and stripey, but the top has a big bow just under the neck. Its probably my new favorite thing.

And this, I'm most pleased to say, is what I'm going to wear to Leilani's wedding next month. Its not something I would normally have chosen, but I was really getting desperate. I couldn't find a suitable/affordable dress anywhere! And then Forever21 got a truck-load of new shipment, and this was one of the new things. I tried it on just out of curiosity, and I actually love it! Its a nice satin-y material, so its 'fancy' enough for the wedding, but its casual enough that I will wear it again. And the best part? It only cost $19!

I got some other stuff too, but nothing major... I got a super-cute summery dress from Aeropostale, which is NOT one of my usual stops at the mall. Lani wanted to go in there really quick to look for some cheap khaki shorts, and we both ended up getting the dress, and we both got a pajama set too (for only $6!). I'm wearing the dress right now, since its already like 65 degrees outside - woo hoo! It has navy-and-white stripes, and the top has green and white stripes, with big green buttons on the straps. Very nautical! :)

Well, I should definitely go start getting ready for school, if I want to make it on time! Only a few weeks to go until SUMMER VACATION! Yayyyy!

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