Sunday, April 13, 2008

Red Shoes

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful lately (except for today; its only supposed to reach the low 50's today, poo). Yesterday it was warm and muggy, probably about 75 degrees. Its about time! Anyway, the nice weather has launched me into a clothes-and-shoe-craving frenzy! Plus I've been losing weight since I've been going to the gym most days after school (and since I went vegetarian last October) most of my 'summer clothes' don't really fit right anymore. And actually most of my 'summer clothes' are pretty, from high school. I graduated in 2003, so its definitely time to start a new wardrobe! I have every intention of grabbing up some nice summer dresses in Annapolis tomorrow, of course. Hooray!

These are some pieces I'm definitely searching for tomorrow, at Forever21:

And yesterday I stumbled across these:

They are perhaps my new most-favorite-shoes-ever. Aren't they adorable? I especially love the big button on the straps. And considering they're from WalMart, they're of surprisingly-decent quality, and actually rather comfortable. I wore them at work yesterday and my feet didn't hurt (any worse than normal), and no blisters! And the very best part is... they cost less than $13.00! They had red and black of this style. I wish they had more colors. I think I'd love these in navy or even a light blue...oh, and a nice fern-green would be great.

I immediately thought of Miss Emily's post about her search for cute red flats when I saw these on the shelf. These look like they'd be something she'd like, and I do adore her style!

I was pleasantly surprised at the shoe selection at WalMart yesterday.....they really are trying to hang-in with Target, I think.... their shoes are getting cuter and cuter. While the quality still isn't that good, and the sizing is funny, you can't go wrong with a $13 pair of shoes, right?

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