Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Oh boy..... I feel a crazy vacation coming on.....Lollapalooza has perhaps the BEST lineup (suited to me, at least) EVER this summer!! The only problem is its in Chicago...Hmmm....... maybe if I scrimp and save, I'll be able to afford to get there by August? I MUST try. Come on... Radiohead, Rage, NIN, The Raconteurs, Broken Social Scene, Flogging Molly, Brand New (!), Mates of State, The Gutter Twins...... I might just freak out. In fact, I already did.
Now I just have to scrape up $190 for the tickets, and $$ for a plane/bus ticket...and a hotel...but I am soooooo going.
PS - I'm still putting-off studying for my Atmospheres exam. And writing my essay.

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