Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Laziness and Procrastination Prevail

Ah yes, dear readers; I shall once again put off today what I can do tomorrow. That is, after all, my mantra. Is that bad? I don't think so. It might be for some people, but it works quite well for me!
I had every intention of going to the gym after my 5:00 class today, but I'm feeling really tired already (and its only 3:30), and I think I feel a migraine coming on. Of course, working out would actually probably prevent a headache and make me feel energized, its just that motivating myself to change clothes and work out for an hour when I could be at home writing an essay for my Atmospheres class won't be so easy. So we'll see how that works out after Economics is over at 6:15. Bleh.
Actually if I go home and write my essay, I will actually be ahead....and how often does that happen? Umm....never. But that's because I have my Atmospheres exam on Thursday, and that's a killer. So once again, I have work to do, work to do!
On the plus side, I have a 'mini-break' this weekend and the beginning of next week! No school on Monday or Tuesday of this coming week means......I'm going to Annapolis! Yay! I'm going to visit my bestest friend Lani. We already have a very full agenda: find a dress for me to wear to Leilani's wedding in May (and shopping in general, because Annapolis Mall is fabulous), play Rock Band, and Lani's going to teach me some of her butt-exercises since she's 'macho-wacho' and I'm beginning to be. Oh, and I need to grow a butt. :D
Speaking of macho-wacho, my mom and Chris both commented over the past couple of days that they can see a difference since I've been working out. Of course I don't see any difference, but I see myself every day so I guess that's normal at first. But it made me feel good because Chris said I look good, so maybe I should drag my no-butt to the gym tonight....hmm.
Oh! And I had lunch with my friend Shi today; and she informed me that she just got hired at the new Gold's Gym in our town, and that she's going to be teaching a spinning class there! Since I won't be able to go to the gym here at school over the summer, I'm thinking about getting a 3-month membership at Gold's over the summer, especially since Shi will be teaching classes there. I think that would be so much fun!
Well....not too much else has been going on lately..... I watched an OK movie with Chris the other night, Shattered Glass. Chris loves that movie (and forced me to watch it) because, well, he's a journalist. And everything in that movie is what professors teach you NOT to do. I, on the other hand, thought it was, well....stupid. I don't know. I hated Glass' character, probably because he was played by Hayden Christensen. I just really don't like him, for no reason whatsoever. He just bothers me. The movie itself had some good parts, but all-in-all, it wasn't something I would have picked if I had any say in the matter (which I didn't, because Chris is a big butthead). :P
Ok, I've already written too much. Hopefully soon I'll have some new pictures to show.

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