Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tiny little shop update!

I updated the shop a teensy bit last night....it was time to bring back some of my Spring-y stuff.
Phew. I have been so ridiculously tied-up with school, its not even funny. This week and next are chock-full of exams, papers, and other not-fun stuff. But its all because the semester is almost over, so I just want to get through it alive! Then maybe I can have a life again! Yippeee!
I made my schedule for next Fall this morning. I think it turned out alright. Should be a bit more stimulating than this semester, I think. I'm going to try to give myself a super-full course load, but I have to wait until 'schedule clean-up' before I can add any more classes. So far I've got GIS I (Global Info. Systems), Psych 101, Statistics (bleh), German Cinema (oooh!), and Soils. A strange mix, for sure! Most of those classes are the last of my Gen-Eds to get out of the way; then there are a few required courses and electives for my major. I'm going to try to get into Art Appreciation during schedule clean-up so I'll get all of my Gen-Eds out of the way in this coming semester. If I can't get into it, I'll try to take it over the summer. I'd almost rather take it over the summer because it would be online, but then again it would mean an EXTRA $800 out of my pocket. Meh.
So that's why I've been so absent of late. I just need to get through next week alive and I should be ok....until finals. And then I'm freeeeeeee!!
So please do check out the shop, and stop by the blog every now and then. I will try to write again soon, because I really do love blogging. And wish me luck on all of my exams!

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