Friday, May 2, 2008

I've found my true calling...

Oh yes. I have found my one purpose in life; my true calling.
Pole dancing.
Tee-hee! Ok, I'm definitely just kidding. But seriously, it was way more fun than I expected. I really thought it was going to be cheesy and rather embarassing (some parts were, like when each of us had to give the Bachelorette, Leilani, a lap-dance!); but in all honesty it was really really fun!
Our instructor was super-nice and fun. It was just our group so it wasn't too embarassing; we've all been friends for so long we felt alright making complete idiots out of ourselves. The best part was when we got to pick our "stripper names" from a list at the beginning of the class. My name was White Chocolate! Hahaha! We picked "Ko-Ko Puff" for Leilani, hahahahaha! Some of the other girls were Peaches, Erotica, and Buttafli.
It was definitely a bit of a workout... we started out with some basic floor-moves (without a pole) and that was the hardest part! I definitely can't move my legs the way the instructor did.... although I guess she's had a bit of practice....hehehe. I had a lot of fun twirling around the pole, though. That was fun!
The place where we had our class was called XPose Fitness... I think its a chain, although I'm not sure if its just around the Baltimore area, or if its nationwide, or what. Check out their website here.
I'm mad at myself for not taking pictures. Some of the other girls did, though, so as soon as I get some of their pics I'll put them up here!

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