Thursday, May 8, 2008


Like that title? That's me snoring because I'm trying to study for my Economics final at 3:30.
Its not really working out too well.
I mean, I tried. Sort of. This book is just soooooo boring. The subject matter does absolutely nothing for me. I have to read and re-read the same sentences over and over again to force my brain to accept the information. Its that boring. So I think I'm just giving up. It doesn't REALLY matter, anyway - I just need to get a C for the class to count....and I'm sure I've already got a mid- to high- B. I'm really just kind of anxious to get this over with so I can get on with SUMMER!!
Oh yeah, speaking of summer - I did a bit of shopping after work yesterday and came home with some new plants for the garden. Yay! I got a few more pepper plants (red and yellow bell), a long-necked yellow squash plant, and a purple Columbine for the flower garden. I haven't gotten around to planting them yet, though....maybe this evening, if it doesn't rain.

And now, I'll share some more pictures from my Economics notes (they're way more interesting than the notes themselves, anyway!)-

A teensy-tiny, debonaire gentleman fox eyeing up plump Mrs. Goose

And a sparkle-spewing bear. Hehe.

Oh yeah, and "low wages reflect low productivity". That's important. *cough*

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