Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Economics Doodles, part 2

Woo hoo, my History final is over and done with! Now I just have Atmosphere and Economics on Thursday, and I'm freeeeee for the summer! Yay!

I sat outside and studied at a picnic table on campus for about an hour today, and just look at my shoulders!

(Please excuse the robe... I just got out of the shower because I was covered in dirt
from head to toe from working in the garden!)
That's right, I worked in the garden when I got home today. I actually got my little Japanese Maple and my White Spruce trees planted (finally), 9 little broccoli plants, and a green pepper. I also transplanted my chocolate mint from the big garden to the new garden, because it was literally taking over like half of the garden. I've decided that the garden I planted last year is to be the Flower Garden, as its mostly flowers anyway; and the new garden that I officially planted today is to be the Food Garden, aka Veggie & Herb garden. I still want to get some more veggies in there, but first I need to get a little garden fence or something to keep the rabbits out. I'm already a nervous wreck, worried that my broccoli will be eaten by tomorrow!
I didn't get any pictures of the new garden today because it was already getting dark by the time I finished, but I will definitely get some tomorrow.
And now, a few more pics from my Economics notebook.
This page was all 'sparkles' and skulls:

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