Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2 Down!

Wheee, I knocked one more final off of my 'to-do' list!
I had my Geography final this morning. It was a breeze. I finished in 10 minutes. Seriously. I'm quite sure I did very well on the exam, so that should give me pretty darn close to about 97% in the class....yay!!
Next up: World History at 3:30. I'm not too worried about that one, either. I have an A in the class so far, and I'm fairly certain I'll do just fine on the exam. Plus the professor loves me, so... no worries!
My biggest problem today is that I'm stuck on campus with nothing to do until 3:30. I should have taken longer to do my Geography exam, haha! I was done by 10:40, so I went over to Starbucks and got a Honey Frappuccino and a Toffee Crunch brownie, yum! I sat in Starbucks and studied for History until about 12:30; and then I got bored so I took a walk across campus to the Science Center building. I just love that building - its super-nerdy with posters about cell structure, and display cases filled with petrified wood and iguana skeletons.... its like a little museum...to me, at least! I guess I'm just a super-nerd.
Anyway, when I was done with my little walk in the Science Center, I crossed campus again to get to this computer lab (the one in the science building is too small and crowded). I'm quickly running out of exciting things to do in here, too, so I think I may head over to the Administration building in a moment to pick up my Dean's List Certificate from last semester....I forgot about it until today when I received an email from the secretary over there to come pick it up! Oops!
Well, I think I'm going to walk over there now and get my certificate. Shall I frame it and hang it on the wall? Hmmm...hehe.
I shall return later to share some more pictures from my doodle-filled Economics notebook. Until then....ta-ta!

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