Monday, May 5, 2008

A Whale of a Tale

Ok, I don't actually have a tale to tell you tonight. Well, except for the fact that I did the math and I figured out that I only need to get a 70% on my Geography final tomorrow to still have an A for the class. And I'll definitely get much better than that. And I'm pretty sure my History situation is pretty similar. So I'm not too worried. And, I'm not tired because I worked until 11:00 tonight, so I still need to 'wind down'.

So I took the pictures of my Econ. notebook like I said I would earlier, and I'm quite pleased with myself. :D Its funny to flip through my notes from the beginning of the semester through the end and see the progression from bored to catatonic. Haha!

So I think what I'll do is share one or two each day for a while, because I really like them. They're all super-tiny and surrounded by boring scribbles about Macro-Economics. Not my favorite subject!

Just so you get an idea of what a 'normal' page of notes from that class looks like:

You can see why I needed to distract myself, right?

So I just drew.

And, here are today's first pictures. I guess I'll do this in chronological order (page order) from my notes, so you can see the progression, haha! Today there are three pictures because they're all on the same page in my notes - they're all teensy-tiny, about the size of a quarter each.

I love the creepy little octopus. He's one of my favorites. :D

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