Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best Day!

Oh man. I am having the best day today! Actually, both yesterday and today were pretty awesome...

Yesterday, while my sister was simply taking a stroll through our yard, she spotted some things that looked curiously like cherries lying on the ground under a big tree that has been growing in our yard for, oh I don't know, eight or nine years.

She called me over from my veggie patch (where I was picking fresh cilantro, yum!) to see what I thought they were. I thought, surely, they can't be cherries. Why, we don't even have a cherry tree in our yard! So... I ate one. Hehe. And guess what. They are cherries, indeed! I'm quite sure that a bird planted this cherry tree (if you know what I mean...), and also that the tree has never had cherries on it before this year! I am sooo excited! They're the little, tart, pinkish kind of cherries, too, which I actually prefer. Oh, they are delicious!

My sister also informed me yesterday that we have wild strawberries (itty bitty!), mulberries, and raspberries (I knew that...we have them all over the yard!)! Isn't that just awesome?! And that's just what's growing wild in our yard. As soon as my little vegetable garden is ready, we'll also have yellow squash; green, red, and yellow bell peppers, broccoli (some is sprouting now!), and tomatoes; and we already have sweet basil, lavender, lemon balm, cilantro, marjoram, chocolate mint, and spearmint. Whew! I told my dad last night the only thing we need now is a chicken or two so we can have fresh eggs! Then I will be peachy-keen-perfect!

Oh yeah, and guess what else. I was doing a bit of promoting in the Etsy forums last night (something I haven't really done much of in the past because it seems like the Promotions section is nothing but 'games' and gimmicks...not exactly my style); but apparently it paid off because my red stripey dress sold overnight! Woo hoo! I'm excited, but sad to see it going (even though it didn't fit me) because its so pretty.... but I'm glad someone else can love it and wear it!

Oh yeah, and one other thing - I just got done talking to Kristy from Dulcet about my vintage cat eye glasses I ordered that were too small for my head. She is wonderful! I was getting worried because I had convo'd her last week about doing an exchange and hadn't heard back yet. I re-sent the message this afternoon, and (as I suspected) the system 'ate' her convos to me and I was worrying over nothing. She said she already has the other pair packaged up and ready to be mailed to me! And, even though they're a few dollars more expensive than the original ones, she said we'll call it even since I have to pay for the shipping back to her. I thought that was really nice of her. I am pleased as punch!

Oh! Haha! I just thought of something else good that happened today. I mentioned to one of my supervisors how crappy my work schedule has been lately (I was only schedule to work 3 days this week!) and she literally handed me the schedule book and said, "What?! Pencil yourself in whenever you want to work. I'm giving you hours." Peggy, you rock! So hopefully now I'll actually be getting money in my paycheck, instead of barely even breaking even for the week! Haha!

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