Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Would you believe...

I volunteered myself to work today? *shakes head* Today would have been yet another day off from work... but I offered myself to work 11-7 today. Bleh. Actually, it is a good thing because I'll actually get PAID this week then, haha. But still... I'd so much rather spend my day out in the garden, where I'm desperately needed to pull out some weeds.

Oh well. At least I already had (too much) fun this morning - I was catching up on some blog-reading and came across this post from Ashley. I became intrigued and simply had to order book #1 for myself! Anyway, it was on Amazon for only $4.50 (used). You just can't beat the Amazon 'used' prices. I also ordered a few more blank moleskines, so there will be some new journals in the shop in the near future.

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