Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Garden-y Things

Yesterday I dug up basically everything in my garden and...rearranged. It looks worlds better now. I wish I had taken 'before' pictures, but I didn't; so here's the 'after':

I just had too many tall plants; and they were just growing all over the garden. So I dug them up, planted them in groups, and kind of better planned where the plants would be. I also moved my enormous Lemon Balm plant over to the veggie/herb patch, which cleared up a bunch of space. I gave my mom a bunch of the ground cover (in the very bottom of the above picture), and planted a few new plants my grandma gave me. All-in-all, I'm very pleased.
I was visited by a tiny friend!

One tiny yellow rosebud is peeking through...

I also re-discovered my mom's huge peony bush on the other side of the house. I never go to that side of the house....its really strange. I guess because its the driveway side of the house, and I don't park in the driveway (I have my own little gravel parking spot near the front of the house). So anyway, when I found the peonies, I was so happy! I think they're my absolute favorite flower.

I picked the only one that was in full bloom yesterday and put it in a vase. Today there was another one fully open, and the others will probably be open by tomorrow. This vase is sitting beside me on my desk; and it makes me insanely happy.

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