Sunday, June 1, 2008


That's my goal for this week: Refresh! I have been in a "spring-cleaning" mode for the past week. I just felt like it was time to go through everything, get organized, and cleanse my surroundings. I feel so refreshed when I spruce up my place. I'm not really getting rid of too much... mostly I'm packing away my 'things' (read: decorative junk that takes up space) from my room. I love them, I just don't need them in my tiny room. Someday when I move out again, I will have enough stuff to fill an entire house. But for now, I have one tiny room.
And its already filled.
So far, everything's going well. Its just very overwhelming. We're pulling everything out of the shed, going through it, putting it in piles: "keep", "donate", "trash"; then tomorrow we're going to organize the "keeps", donate the "donates", and...well, you get the idea.
In the midst of my cleaning, I came across some bins full of clothes I didn't want anymore. I picked out a handful of things that will be just perfect for.....a secret project for the shop! I won't say too much, but I will hint that this little guy may be involved in some way.... Hmmm.....
I also found some of my vintage heels that I've collected in the past few years.

How freakin' great are these?

Now, I'm definitely not saying this is a good thing (please, don't think I'm into furs + leather. Ew. No.); but these are really alligator skin. I didn't even realize it when I bought them. I just liked the shape and the pattern. It wasn't until I got them home that I read the inside of the shoe and saw that they were real alligator leather. But anyway, they're vintage. I got them at the Goodwill for $3. I did a search one time on Ebay for the brand (they're called Shenanigans), but I can't find any info about the brand now. If anyone knows anything, I'd be interested in the history so i could figure out how old these shoes are.

I also found these, and because they're about a half-size too small for me, they are now available in le shop. They're super cute and pretty comfortable, and cheap!!

These are NOT real reptile skin...they are 100% Vegan-friendly!

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